Collaging New Forms

A couple of weeks ago I saw this post from Dezeen about Dutch studio MVRDV ‘s proposal of a 400-metre skyscraper for Jakarta that looks like a collage of many separate buildings. What struck me immediately was the similarity to a series of work I made between 2007-2010. Don’t get me wrong, I am not accusing MVRDV of ripping me off because […]

The flow of things

Sara Graham, StreetFinder: Vancouver, 2012, LJT40 Print mounted on dibond, 32 x 48″ I recently started reading Visual Complexity: Mapping Patterns of Information  by Manuel Lima. Although the book was recently published (2011) Lima has had  a very interesting website which I have been following for awhile.  As I have written previously in this post, this one […]

Unusual Encounters

Julian Charriere, Some Pigeons are More Equal than Others, 2012 When I came across this post on iGNANT I was immediately intrigued (and maybe a bit concerned for the welfare of the pigeons.) The series of work entitled Some Pigeons are More Equal than Others is by Artist Julian Charriere who ‘dyed’ 35 pigeons with a mechanic apparatus that […]

Lebbeus Woods

System Wein with Christoph Kumpusch , 2005 is an experimental sketch of Vienna’s 1st District, and shows how it might find a way to change, even radically, without rejecting its past. Visionary architect, Lebbeus Woods passed away last week. He was most well known for his experimental designs that depicted futuristic worlds and dytopic cityscapes. Similarly […]

Coppernickel Goes Mondrian

Wouter van Reek, illustrations for Coppernickel Goes Mondrian Piet Mondrain, Red Tree This might seem like an unusual choice for a post but I recently got a children’s book from the library entitled Coppernickel Goes Mondrian by Dutch artist Wouter van Reek and it has resonated with me. The story is about Coppernickel, the protagonist, who sets out to […]

But does it float?

I pass this abandoned floating restaurant on my commute home. It seemed like such a great idea – a restaurant that was able to dock anywhere along the River, offering its menu in different locations each night, building up a diverse client against the backdrop of sunsets filled nights.  I was curious as to why […]

Reconfiguring Suburbia

I have finished reading Worlds Away: New Suburban Landscape, an exhibition catalogue published by the Walker Arts Center in 2008 for the exhibition Worlds Away: New Suburban Landscape. I realise that I am 4 years behind in discussing the exhibition and catalogue but I started reading Worlds Away because, as much as I deny it, I currently […]


Peter Cook had great insight about using the airport as a model to build a city. I thought this was a great idea to start thinking about our city, its structure, and its infrastructure in terms of an open architectural model (which is not unlike Cedric Price’s Fun Palace or Constant’s New Babylon).  A model that […]

Rolling Masterplan

I wrote about Cedric Price’s Potteries Thinkbelt  not too long ago and this morning I saw this on iGNANT and had to post it right away. The Rolling Masterplan was proposed by swedish architecture firm Jagnefalt Milton  in 2010 as an entry  for a design competition  for the city of Åndalsnes in Norway. The plan was to use […]


Thomas Bayrle, $, 1980 As I mentioned in a previous post I have been reading Michael Sorkin’s All Over the Map and I just finished Sorkin’s essay the Jungle Urban: Welcome to Petropolis. I am also reading Rethinking a Lot The Design and Culture of Parking by Eran Ben-Joseph on the side. While both of these […]